With Entatio, you keep your current presentation technology and we automate it. Entatio is the only content marketing automation and sharing tool for Salesforce.com

When you give a presentation, rather than sending it to your attendees as an email attachment, add the presentation specific email to the meeting invite. Everyone on the email will automatically be sent an invitation to access the presentation in Entatio. This simple process creates deep channels through an innovative content marketing tool, while Entatio eliminates tedious data entry work.

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Entatio Helps Teams Get the Knowledge to Make Decisions

As soon as presentation attendees gain access to the content, Entatio creates contact records for them in Salesforce.com, monitors their engagement with media, gives them space to ask questions and more. Entatio is the only content management platform that takes into account the wide range of stakeholders involved in most decisions and so long as there is a defined process, it gives organizations the ability to track a large team's passage to an outcome through each step. All automatically.

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Entatio Builds a Content Marketing Platform for Events, Conferences and Presentations

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