Add a digital content marketing component to conference & event exhibits with

Part 1: Introduction

With tens of thousands of conferences & events around the world bringing professionals together each year, their value is without question. Given the high cost of exhibit space, developing marketing materials, travel for professionals and more, it’s critical for marketing professionals and brand managers to do everything possible to maximize ROI, while conference producers need to provide as much value as possible for their exhibitors and attendees. The main goal with the platform is to provide conference & event planners, exhibitors and speakers with an innovative, but simple, tool for content marketing that has a definitive impact on ROI.

Part 2: Building an Audience in

Entatio is a digital pres[entatio]n tool that funnels audience members into a content marketing platform through interactions in exhibits and presentations. Presenters load the presentation and associated content into Entatio and create a sign in form with one click. They make this available via an iPad or any browser and when users visit a booth or speech, they are given the option to receive the materials through a simple sign-in form.’s native integrations to external enterprise systems, content management features and built-in dashboard provide a wealth of tools to sort and rank leads, develop engagement analytics, manage auto-segmented marketing lists and facilitate communications between Sales, Marketing and Customer Success professionals and their audience.

Part 3: How Streamlines Content Marketing to Improve Sales and Customer Success

Below is a list of just of some of the features that make an effective presentation content marketing platform for conferences and events:

  1. Automated Marketing List Segmentation: All presentations and individual slides in a presentation can be connected to a specific list in integrated MailChimp accounts. When users subscribe to or unsubscribe from that media, their contact information is automatically added / removed from those lists. This makes it possible to use Entatio for different products, market segments, campaigns and more with ease.
  2. Automated Lead Generation & Lead Ranking with The for Salesforce app (MORE HERE) integrates seamlessly to Anytime a new member is added to your audience a record is created for them in the Salesforce app along with engagement tracking records for the content they have access to. As audience members engage content through, this data can be used to rank leads and provide Sales Professionals with detailed information regarding what is motivating prospects.
  3. Conference, Event & Speaker Program Insights through Business Intelligence Tools: Using the data generated by and the for Salesforce application, it’s possible to create incredibly insightful reports that answer difficult questions regarding the kinds of information that your audience is seeking, ROI for specific conferences, events and speaking programs, content engagement trends and much more.
  4. Artificial Intelligence Ready and Data Driven Commercial Operations: With the Entatio for app, content engagement for specific users is placed in the same place as sales data. With tools such as Einstein AI for, it is now possible to develop insights and forecasts that include a content marketing component.
  5. User Controlled Subscriptions with Anti-Spam features: A complete subscription management system along with customized emails keeps audience members up to date on changes to the content that interests them, while a built in warning system guarantees that content managers have ways to reduce spam, add custom messages and know who is receiving updates.
  6. Dashboards & Reports: Built in dashboards provide a snapshot of the most popular presentations, media, how often it is being viewed, the size of your audience and more.
  7. Content Recommendation Tools: has tools that allow presenters to automatically place content into, ‘Recommended Presentations,’ sections of the audience’s user interface. This is a great way to introduce new content to your market.
  8. Easy setup and use: An entire instance takes less than 5 minutes to launch and requires no technical skills.
  9. Advanced Analytics for Lead Ranking via, Tableau and BI tools: Through the for Salesforce application and by exporting data from Entatio, it’s possible to create incredibly insightful reports that answer difficult questions regarding the kinds of information that your audience is seeking, engagement trends, ROI for specific conferences, events and speaking programs, and much more.
  10. Interactive Visual Aid Support: Entatio supports PowerPoint presentations, videos, images and PDFs, but also a special type of HTML5 Interactive Presentation that is typically used for educational engagements in the Life Sciences and other industries. These Interactive Visual Aids (iVAs) are a great way to deliver more detailed, visually oriented presentations.
  11. Support for Multiple Teams: is a complete content marketing platform that allows for the creation of multiple users, content access controls, conference & event specific sign in forms and more. It’s very easy to use a single portal to support an entire organization’s content marketing efforts while keeping audiences, content and efforts separate.

Implementing an Portal for Entire Events versus Single Exhibits & Speeches was designed for fast and flexible implementation. An organization can launch an Entatio portal for their conference and event content marketing, while conference producers can launch Entatio for all of their exhibitors and speakers. In either case, the audience members, content and engagement data is completely secure. Marketers only ever have access to the information and audience members related to their content.

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