How Brand Managers across the Life Sciences are expanding digital HCP engagement capabilities while reducing costs using

Introduction – Doubling Digital Engagement Metrics:

As a Digital Project Manager for a major pharmaceutical, it wasn’t unusual to see lagging brand-specific websites receive fewer than 5 engagements a day (without additional advertising). That averages out to roughly 150 per month. The chart below shows the cumulative engagement over 8 days for a brand-specific Entatio portal. This is an average of 300 per month. The article below covers how this was accomplished while resolving a number of pain points faced by brand managers across the life sciences in the area of digital marketing.

Part 1: How Entatio Increases Engagement & Alleviates Pain Points

Why websites fail: The reason engagement metrics are so low for most websites is because websites are only as good as content and content is only as good as the experience held by the professional that develops it. Far too many digital professional take this word, ‘experience,’ to mean general experience navigating the site and they focus exclusively on this. Frankly – that’s a waste of resources.

The best possible experience is one where the visitor can quickly find what they are looking for (good search tool), access solid content (good content) and navigate this content quickly (good navigation). Entatio was designed to provide these 3 key components.

Why Entatio portals succeed: For a professional, an Entatio portal is like attending a virtual conference that is going on 24 hours a day with an assistant there to organize all of the materials from the presentations they have attended, demo videos, documents, etc, into an easy to manage system.

It takes the best from content management systems, digital presentation tools and online community portals and combines these into a very simple way to engage your market using existing content.

Solving Pain Points: The primary pain points that is designed to alleviate involve the key areas below. In all circumstances, the driving need is to increase engagement with the ability to pass engagement data back to the CRM (Veeva CRM / Medical CRM) without having to expand the number of active licenses or fully implement the CRM solution, while supporting the types of files native to the Life Sciences. is strictly a presentation tool able to present Life Sciences type presentations while passing engagement data back to the CRM automatically. In instances where this is all that is needed, it is becoming the option of choice:

  1. Delivery of Life Sciences specific media, such as Veeva Interactive Visual Aids (iVAs or MVAs,CLM) at conferences & events
  2. Delivery of Life Sciences specific media (Veeva iVAs) by third party vendors for virtual conferences and at contact centers
  3. Rapidly deployed HCP or Patient community portals for use with current web solutions (such as Sitecore) or for special projects (hospital, clinic and community centers)
  4. Any type of engagement performed by professionals outside of the internal Pharmaceutical Sales team involving random presentations or surveys
  5. Speaker programs
  6. Embedding content into existing websites (Sitecore sites) to introduce users to Entatio portal communities
  7. For HCP training and certification programs where presentation engagement tracking is needed
  8. Sales / MSL training programs

Part 2: Features Making the Solution of Choice

  1. Compatible with existing Life Sciences specific media / iVAs: is designed to support Veeva iVAs, powerpoint presentations, videos, images, pdfs and other media types out-of-the-box with no configuration needed both through online portals and the iPad app
  2. Designed for ease of implementation: The Entatio for Salesforce / Veeva application integrates seamlessly to with no configuration. Barriers between the Entatio application and the Veeva CRM / Salesforce model protects existing implementations while allowing for easy implementation. The application can also be implemented in a non-Veeva Salesforce instance and the data exported and then aggregated in a data warehouse (such as Veeva Nitro). This allows for rapid implementation with limited issues related to validation or impact to existing technology.
  3. Mobile & Browser Based Applications support a variety of options: The browser based version of is already in use by third party call centers that work with HCPs via virtual conferencing while the mobile version supports conference and event engagement both in exhibition booths and on the floor. Mobile app registration forms native to Entatio allow for registration, content sharing and automated tracking for speaker programs.