Three ways customer success portals are an innovation on learning systems to support customer education:

For most organizations, the gap between training teams and customer success or customer education teams couldn’t be wider with regards to responsibilities and goals.

Typical training team responsibilities include on-boarding, introducing basic skills or guaranteeing policy documentation review for regulatory compliance. Courses have very distinct goals, are rigid, content is generalized and updates are less frequent. With Customer Success, presentation content is much more timely and based on recent milestones and events, new product releases, a specific situation impacting a distinct segment of customers or a broad situation impacting all customers. This leads to materials that are developed more quickly, are more fluid and time sensitive.

With these differences, the Learning Management Systems (LMS) typically used by training teams are not suitable, though Customer Success Managers have few other options. That’s where comes in. The platform was designed as a type of learning and presentation system with customer success, sales and marketing in mind.

Below are three ways that is designed to meets Customer Success efforts.

1. portals are designed to be fast and fluid:

Learning systems are designed for training, not customer success and customer success has a need for speed. Traditional learning systems rely on building detailed course structures, course completion rules, specific media packages and extensive user administration. portals support in-person and online training delivery, but there’s no up front course configuration. The process has no need for administrators:

  • A user uploads media (powerpoint files, pdfs, video, images, html presentations) and organizes these into a presentation. That’s the course. The back-end automatically creates this model in both Entatio and in integrated applications such as
  • Tracking is automated to the slide level for analytics and access is controlled through sign-in forms and manual enrollment that can be performed online or through mobile devices.
  • User management is automated, providing for a simple way to quickly build and deliver training with the critical learning platform features in place.

2. portals tie customer success activity data to sales & marketing data through CRMs such as & Zoho, without the need for additional licenses:

With standard training, course completion is the main goal and metric. Customer Success goals are harder to define as they will be different for every organization and usually for different customer segments across a single organization. The only way to even start developing clear metrics through which to gauge customer success is to connect the data generated through Customer Success activities to Customer Relationship Management systems. Through this, specific learning activities & presentations, attendees and the content with which they interact are connected to specific professionals across the organization and other data from sales & marketing.

Since the for Salesforce application requires no additional licenses, an entire Customer Success team can feed data into the CRM through the Entatio platform without the need for additional licenses using only the Entatio mobile application and online platform.

3. portals are designed to treat knowledge transfer in terms of reach & frequency instead of complete & incomplete:

With a traditional learning management system a course is complete once a set of criteria are met. These can include viewing presentations, passing a quiz or other tasks of that nature. With Customer Success, the goal is to introduce information to the right people at the right time so as to have a positive impact. Since Entatio allows for both the delivery and sharing of presentations (users can return to view presentations through the portal and subscribe for notifications) and tracks the frequency through which every portion of the content is viewed according to the user, it’s possible to develop maps of how information has penetrated a community (reach) and saturation or frequency of that penetration. This is an incredible tool for evaluating Customer Success efforts.

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