Entatio.com for Events, Conferences and Summits

Benefits by Stakeholder:

For Event Directors, Planners & Managers:

  1. Advanced Analytics Demonstrate Event Value: Entatio.com gathers a tremendous amount of data related to content engagement, lead capture and more that can be used to demonstrate event effectiveness.
  2. Advanced Analytics to Identify Opportunities: Following events, the ongoing data generation and the use of the integrated CRM applications make it possible to identify opportunities among the attendees. Virtual Parking Lots give those attendees and easy way to connect directly to vendors and speakers.
  3. Increased Revenue (where applicable): Entatio.com portals provide space for monetized advertising, where applicable, providing an additional source of revenue for events.
  4. Promote the Event Before, During & After the Event: With the easy wizard-based setup, Entatio.com makes it possible to quickly deploy and launch an entire event digital presentation and content sharing platform. This can be made available before the event, help to orient attendees during the event and made available after the event to help grow attendance and awareness. It’s entirely up to the Event Planner and how they want to make the content available.

For Attendees: Entatio.com provides value to attendees by providing them with the following for events, conferences or meetings:

  1. Presentation Organization: Entatio.com provides attendees with a complete tool for managing the presentations and content made available to them through the portal. They can arrange and organize presentations according to what is important to them.
  2. Automated Communications Channels / Virtual Parking Lots: Entatio.com automatically creates Virtual Parking Lots – Q&A forums – for every presentation and every slide in every presentation. This makes it incredibly easy for your attendees to communicate with vendors.
  3. Attendee Controlled Subscription Management: All presentations and media in Entatio.com has subscription capabilities that are controlled by the attendee. They can subscribe to the presentations that interest them, while vendors and presenters can update and add content over time.

For Speakers & Presenters:

  1. Demonstrate Thought Leadership: For most speakers, after the presentation is given, Event Directors share content through a file share such as Box or OneDrive. Entatio.com is gives presenters their own profile that is accessible from all of their media. The design helps attendees to identify the presentations that were important to them and, depending on configuration, share this with others. For speakers with compelling ideas, Entatio.com helps them to grow their reach.
  2. Channel Creation Leads to Opportunities: Channels created through Virtual Parking Lots and other tools help connect speakers, presenters or their assistants to audiences. This leads to greater opportunities to share their message.
  3. Engagement Data Helps Speakers Show Value: Entatio.com provides incredible engagement analytics for content. Speakers are able to show their reach and frequency in real terms, providing them with the information to gain additional opportunities.

For Event Vendors:

  1. Automate Lead Capture and Connect Marketing and Sales Data: Through integrated Entatio.com app for CRMs, it is possible to automate the entire lead capture process. Provide automatically generated sign in forms in booths and presentations that send contact data to Salesforce.com and other CRMs. The app also generates engagement data in the CRM to connect marketing to sales data. No code. No expensive implementation project.