Solving Project Communication Failures and Identifying Disengaged Resources

A Project Management Institute (PMI) study concerning project failure as a result of communication issues determined that:

  • “Companies risk $135 million for every $1 billion spent on a project and new research indicates that $75 million of that $135 million (56 percent) is put at risk by ineffective communications, indicating a critical need for organizations to address communications deficiencies at the enterprise level.”
  • “Ineffective communications are the primary contributor to project failure one-third of the time and had a negative impact on project success more than half the time.”
  • “High-performing organizations (those completing an average of 80 percent or more of projects on time, on budget and within goals) create formal communications plans for nearly twice as many projects as their lower-performing counterparts (which complete fewer than 60 percent of projects on time, on budget, and within goals).”

In short, communications failures lead to project failures and communication plans, along with the implementation of those plans, has a direct impact on project success and cost.

In the demo below, we demonstrate ways to use to resolve these issues by focusing on Identifying and Closing Communications Gaps and Identify Disengaged Resources