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Registration and Email Activation

Registration/Signing Up Note: Screens are from a specific Entatio.com vertical (Entatio.com). Procedures will work the same. The first step to using Entatio is to register and activate an account. In this guide, you will learn how to sign up for a free Entatio account and activate it to access the app. Open a Browser and […]

Signing in to your Account

Sign in to your account using the unique link that we included in the activation email. This is the email that you received during the Registration, Account Confirmation, and Activation. (Note: Screenshots reference Entatio.com. This is a specific version of Entatio.com. Procedures are the same.) To sign in to your account, follow the steps below: […]

Update Profile

Overview After successfully signing up and logging in to the account, you can now update your profile. Updating your profile enables you to specify your account details such as your basic information, bio, and social media accounts. This guide will walk you through the process of updating your profile. Click the Profile Menu and select […]

Building your Team

Building Your Team – Overview It’s time to build your team! Successful businesses are run by dedicated and effective individuals collaborating to achieve their goals. Add/invite teammates to join MediaManager.net and access its straightforward yet intuitive features. In this guide, you will learn how to do the following operations: Adding Users Creating Roles Creating Groups […]

Adding PowerPoint Presentations, Videos, and Interactive Visual Aids

The Presentation Wizard lets you add PowerPoint presentations, videos, and interactive visual aids seamlessly. The presentation wizard or Onboarder converts the contents into a collection of slides, organizes them into a presentation and builds parking lots for each slide. Adding presentations can be done in three (3) easy steps: Specifying the presentation Information Adding Slides […]

Sharing with Prospects, Partners, and Team Members

Overview After adding a presentation, you can now start sharing it with team members, partners, and prospects. Sharing it with team members enable your crew to efficiently collaborate on presentations using options such as the Rapid Load, Parking Lot, and other basic tools (e.g. Sharing tool, Edit, Subscription, etc.). Collaboration made easy using the following […]

Integrating to Salesforce.com app

Overview This article will guide you on how to integrate Entatio with the Salesforce.com app. The integration maximizes your Salesforce app through Entatio’s intuitive interface and efficient collaboration features. This results in higher team productivity and easy to distribute presentations to prospects and partners. The integration requires two (2) configuration processes. It starts by installing […]

The Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overview of your account’s overall performance and progress. It tracks courses, presentations, slides, and users’ access. These data are presented in graphs and charts providing easy to understand information. The Dashboard categorizes the data into three (3) tabs: General Assignments Users These tabs display information sourced straight from the database and […]