Verify Invited Users have Completed Registration


Each Entatio portal includes tools to streamline the launch of a portal for a specific event or conference. These tools include the ability to bulk invite Speakers / Presenters & Attendees. After either Speakers / Presenter or Attendees have been invited to register, it is necessary to periodically check to verify which have and have not registered. Entatio has tools to check which users have completed the registered and to download lists of those that have not so as to follow-up. The procedures below review steps to check on which invited users have completed registration.


    1. Log into the Entatio portal
    2. Select User Management (1) > Users in the left hand menu.
    3. Select the User Type (2) and Status > Inactive (3) and then the Search button. This will filter the list based on the selected user type and show all users that have NOT completed registration.

      NOTE: In Entatio, Admin = SPEAKERS / PRESENTERS, End User = ATTENDEE and Guests are usually reserved to record sales presentations to prospects that will not directly access the Entatio

    4. The Active (4) column will have No for all users that have not completed registration.
    5. To download a list of the users in the visible table to contact them using other applications, select the Download (5) button.